Unprocessed Payment: Payments can only be applied to invoices that are awaiting payment


Just following up with the team on a number of unapplied payments in the system.

We have a single payment for your account which is sitting as Unapplied that will need to be actioned.

Transaction ID: 
Error: Payments can only be applied to invoices that are awaiting payment. The invoice is either fully paid, draft or has been voided. Refer to the following KB Article for options on how to address this error.

Invoice Being Paid: 

I recall that this may have been the payment resulting from the debit occurring against the deleted invoice.

To allow the Unapplied Payment to be processed, we will need you to either Re-Allocate the payment to another invoice or indicate if a refund is to be paid back to the client. If a refund is paid, it should be allocated against the Wise-Pay clearing account directly, to ensure that the balances match.

If a payment has been manually applied to an invoice, then this transaction should be "Manually Fixed" so that it is no longer showing as an error.

Leaving the payment in this Unapplied State can result in your Wise-Pay clearing account being out of Balance, as the payment has not been finalised.

If you need further information please let us know, so that we can assist to ensure that this unapplied payment can be resolved. 

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