Multi-Connection support in Wise-Pay

What is Multi-Connection support?

Multi-Connection support allows for additional connections for better inter-connectivity between Wise-Pay, Wise-Sync, and accounting applications. Wise-Pay interacts with Wise-Sync and your cloud accounting package to get the latest accounting data (such as invoices) and update the transaction status (for payments) in your accounting package. Multiple connections in Wise-Pay has the following benefits:

  • To provide a better response time by dividing the data flow between three connections
  •  As Xero permits a limited number of connection requests per minute for a connection, having three different service connections enables Wise-Pay to process more transactions than a single connection.


The multi-connection support is not enabled by default. You need to contact Wise-Pay implementation or support team to enable it for your account.

What are the different connections?

When this feature is enabled by Wise-Pay for your account, the following connections can be viewed from the Configure > Accounting Connections option:


Many user actions (such as clicking the 'Download latest accounting platform data' button on the 'Outstanding Transactions' pod) result in data flow from your accounting package to Wise-Pay. Other user actions, like making payments, result in data flow from Wise-Pay to your accounting package. This connection mainly handles data flow as a resulted of such actions. Additionally, some batch jobs, like auto-payment services, also use this connection.

User actions in Wise-Sync, such as syncing invoices, generate a flow of data from Wise-Sync to your accounting application, such as Xero. Some user actions in accounting packages, such as applying payments in Xero, also generate data flow from the accounting package to your PSA, such as ConnectWise. The data flow is also generated from your PSA to your accounting packages when you initiate a sync event, such as sync invoices. The Company connection handles these data flows.
There are many Wise-Pay services that run after a regular interval to get data from your accounting package and perform a specific job in Wise-Pay. For example, the 'auto payment scheduler' takes data from your accounting package and generates scheduled bank payments in Wise-Pay. The Service connection is responsible for handling traffic flows related to background services in Wise-Pay.

What do I need to do?

Click here to find out How to Manage Accounting Connections as a Merchant Administrator

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