Wise-Pay for Payers: Overview

Wise-Pay allows Payers to have a free account that enables you to have a secure management portal to manage your Credit Card, Bank Account, Invoices and Payments through a secure method. 

Registering for Wise-Pay

If you don't yet have a Wise-Pay payer account, you can either self-register when you pay an invoice via the Pay Now flow, or request your Merchant to set an account up for you.
Please refer to the Register tab in the How to Pay an Invoice from a Pay Now link article for steps on how to self-register.

What can I do as a Payer?
Using Wise-Pay you have the ability to:
  • Save Credit Card and Bank Account Details
  • Make Payments via a Credit Card or Bank Account
  • Add / Change payment methods
  • View Past Payments - processed through Wise-Pay
  • Schedule payments 
  • Cancel future dated payments
  • Download Invoices (PDF)
  • Setup Automatic Payments
Wise-Pay Dashboard
Your Wise-Pay Dashboard consists of:
  • Outstanding Payments- this will display a list of Outstanding Invoices
  • Scheduled Payments- this will display any Invoices that have been scheduled for payment
  • Past Payments- this will display all past payments made via Wise-Pay
Your Settings Tab will provide you with access to:
Pay Now
The Pay Now Tab will provide you with access to:
Schedule Payments

Schedule Payments Tab provides you with the ability to:

  • Search for specific amounts
  • Search dates
Transaction Search

Transaction Search Tab provides you with the ability to:

  • Search by Invoice Numbers
  • Search by Amounts
  • Search by Transaction ID
  • Search by Transaction Status: Paid | Scheduled | Cancelled | Fixed | Payment Errors | Processing Errors | Part Paid | Deleted | Error | Overpayment
  • Search by Date Reference
  • Search by Direct Debit Payment
  • Search by Batch Payment

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