How to Receive Payments through Pay Now

How to Receive Payments through Pay Now

When your registered payers have updated their bank details and credit cards in their respective accounts, you can start taking payments. You can also update these details on their behalf. 

The Pay Now action on the invoices visible in the Outstanding Invoices pod enables you to pay invoices using a credit card. You can either used a saved or a new credit card to pay the invoice.

Note: This methods allows you to get payment only through credit cards. Ensure that you have configured the credit card details for the payer. For details, see How to Manage Credit Cards for Payers.


Follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Wise-Pay.
  2. The Outstanding Payments pod displays the invoices with outstanding payment.
  3. For the desired invoice, select Actions > Pay Now.
  4. You can use the Payment Options section to use an existing credit card or to add a new card.
    • Saved Card: This option lets you choose any of the existing credit cards. Select the credit card with which you wish to make the payment.
    • New Card: This option lets you add a new credit card to Wise-Pay. Enter the details of the new card (Card Name, Card Number, Expiry Month and Year, and CVV).
  5. Enter the amount to pay in the Amount to Pay. You can either pay the full amount or partial amount. Wise-Pay will adjust the transaction with the outstanding payment.
    Note: When you make a partial payment of the invoice, the Total Outstanding field displays the remaining outstanding amount of the invoice.
  6. Click Continue to view the Review Your Payment.
  7. Review the payment and the credit card charge applicable on the payment.
  8. You can click the Override payment processing fees to remove the payment processing fees and only charge the invoice amount.
  9. Click I agree to the terms to view the Terms & Conditions.
  10. Click Accept to accept the conditions.
  11. Click Submit to make the payment. Wise-Pay will display the payment processing popup to indicate that the payment is being processed. Do not refresh or close the browser during this process. Wise-Pay displays the Payment Successful page with transaction details. In the case of any error in payment processing, a notification is displayed indicating the error type and helpful information. The payment details are reflected in the accounting package, from where they are synced to ConnectWise.

Note: You may not be able to use this option for the invoices that have been already scheduled if you have configured your Wise-Pay account not to allow Pay Now option for scheduled invoices. See FAQ- How to Allow Real-Time Payment for a Scheduled Invoice.

Payment Processing Fees

A separate invoice is generated for any applicable payment processing fees charged. You can click the Download PDF button to download the invoice for this amount.

You can also configure bank details for your payers. See How To Manage Bank Account Details of Payers.

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