Wise-Pay User Roles

The below matrix displays the functionality that each different user has access to in Wise-Pay.

Merchant AdminMerchant User
(Allow Company)
Payment Payer
Outstanding Payments
Scheduled Payments
Automatic Payments 
Past Payments  

Scheduled Payment > Check Request
Scheduled Payment > Cancel Payment
Schedule Payment > Download PDF
Schedule Payment > Show Details  

Past Payments > Print Invoice
Past Payments > Print Surcharge  

Past Payments > Show Details 
Transaction Failure > Mark as Resolved  
Transaction Failure > Fix   
Transaction Failure > Show Details   
Unprocessed Payments  

View Only
Unmatched Auto-Payments
View Only

Manager User Access Rights   
Edit / Configure your Merchant Details  

Enable and Configure Automatic Payment (Settings)  
Edit Terms and Disclaimers 
Update Branding 
Payer Admin

Add Payer
Delete Payer
Edit Payer's Account
Add Bank Account
Delete Bank Account
Update Bank Account
Add Credit Card
Delete Credit Card
Update Credit Card
Allocate Automatic Payment Terms
Rename Payer Company
Delete Auto-Payment Terms
Pay Now

Schedule Payment (Bank Account  
Download PDF  
Transaction History  
Search for Payments  
Search for Automatic Payments  

My Details

Saved Credit Card

Save Bank Details

View Knowledge Based Articles    
Contact Support