How to Use Virtual Terminal to Make Payments

The Virtual Terminal screen enables a Merchant Administrator to get payment for an issued invoice without registering the payer with Wise-Pay. This screen appears when the user clicks PayNow link from any supported third-party applications connected to Wise-Pay (such as ConnectWise Manage or DeskDirector). It is the quickest way to take payment even when the invoice has not been issued. The Virtual Terminal screen appears when you:

Note: Credit card is the only supported method to make payments through Virtual Terminal.

Here's how to do it:

    1. Enter the Invoice Number (You can also use Quote Purchase Order reference)
    2. Enter the Amount to pay.
    3. Click Continue and Enter the card details.
    4. Click Continue to view the Review Your Payment.
    5. You can click the Override payment processing fees to remove the payment processing fees and only charge the invoice amount.
    6. Click I agree to the terms to view the Terms & Conditions.
    7. Click Accept to accept the conditions.
    8. Click Submit 


Wise-Pay will display the payment processing popup to indicate that the payment is being processed. Do not refresh or close the browser during this process. Wise-Pay displays the Payment Successful page with transaction details. In the case of any error in payment processing, a notification is displayed indicating the error type and helpful information.

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